Diodes : from green to orange

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Diodes : from green to orange

Beitrag von KeizerSauze » Mi 27. Jun 2018, 17:27


I own a V110 SE.

I just moved to a new apartemnt and since the diodes are orange while they were green in my previous apartment.

I would like to make sure that I understood correctly, regardless of the colour, green or orange, the important thing is that the four diodes are the same colour.

Is that correct?

Thank you

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Re: Diodes : from green to orange

Beitrag von OctaveAdmin » Di 10. Jul 2018, 12:07

sorry for the late reply. Our security filter has blocked your message.
The diodes display is a little bit depended from the mains voltage.
Please adjust all to the colour green.
You find more informations in your owner's manual.
Best regards