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Owner Octave V110 SE

Verfasst: Sa 17. Mär 2018, 22:29
von alessandrob2806
Good evening everyone.

My name is Alessandro, I own a V110 SE.
I would like to leave my impressions about this great integrated.
Before purchasing this magnificent work of art, it had an excellent integrated Yamaha A-S3000, I felt that my Sopra N2 focal needed more control.
I got my 110 in July 2017, love the first audition, the KT120 take a while to soften, in the first adjustment of BIAS, the manual recommends 10 to 15 minutes, in my case I left almost 1 hour on, after this period I made the adjustment leaving in the middle (green).
Quite right, the KT120 really are fantastic valves, at the recommendation of Thomas Brieger, after 100 hours plus a fine adjustment in the valves.
My Octave browse has approximately 800 hours of use, I am fully satisfied.
Worth every penny, wonderful construction, materials used, care for the small details.
I would like other fellow hobbyists to comment.

Kind regards,

Alessandro Beltrao

Re: Owner Octave V110 SE

Verfasst: Do 7. Mär 2024, 10:24
von movingmagnet
Salve Alessandro

sono contento che ti piace il v110 se.

il mio v110 con sbb dovrebbe arrivare entro un paio di giorni.

ciao Moreno